Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Year 2020 has been a challenge, but I'm Back On-Line: 4900 scm

A lot has happened in 2020.  A biopsy on my hand in early January meant that I was unable to train until mid-month. I was OK, diagnosed with just eczema and things were pretty normal through February and the Clearwater Valentine swim meet.  RESULTS>>

Then, the pandemic changed everyone's world in March.  The pools closed, but I was able to maintain fitness swimming open water and by paddle boarding almost daily. See: Paddle Board Playlist 130+ videos!

That plan was working out OK, until I was run over by a jet ski renter on June 18th.  The county sheriff and city police department didn't even issue the renter a citation, but he should have been cited for recklessness, lying, and abandoning the scene.   He got off without any charges, even though it was all caught on video:   VIEW jet ski assault video>>

I got a new right knee on June 30th, so I was unable to train in the pool until August.  Normally, that is my busiest time of the year working as a professional taiko performer, traveling throughout Florida, North Carolina and Virginia.  Like the 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, the taiko events were all cancelled so my business essentially turned to dust.   What's taiko?  Visit my site to find out more: Tampa Taiko

So, during my summer hiatus, my mother-in-law became sick and we decided to visit central Virginia to help everyone deal with appointments, errands, cooking etc...  During one of the long hospital stays, both in-laws and my wife contracted Covid-19.  So we packed up the Florida house and came to Midlothian where I've been able to swim with an awesome group 6 days a week!   A lot of the workouts are for 60 minutes, so the yardage is typically about 3000.  But today's workout was outside in a short course meters pool for 90 minutes.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

6 x 150 warmup on 2:30 (take 1 minute rest between sets)

4 x 25 fly on :40 (1 minute rest only)

400 free on 6:30 - no extra rest on these
2 x 300 free on 5:00
3 x 200 free on 3:30
4 x 100 free on 1:30  - I made them, Chad! 

4 x 100 kick on 1:45 

6 x 25 fly on :30 (no rest... go right into 1200 pull to simulate an open water race)
1200 pull

100 swim down


So, I'm able to see the leaves turn for the first time since I moved to Florida 32 years ago.  It's pretty amazing and I feel like I'm seeing everything for the first time. 

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